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Marco Onofri

Face to Face
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In association with
FEP - Federation of European Professional Photographers

Marco Onofri has lived in Cesena, Italy since his birth in 1973.  When he was 24, an innate passion took hold of him and he began to teach himself photography.
After nine years of planning, in 2002 he opened his first photography studio where he focused mainly on still life, and portraits.  In his spare time Marco took up reportage.

© Marco OnofriHe started working for large companies, creating advertising campaigns, catalogs and was published in magazines. He dedicated his time during the week to advertising photography and his weekends were for weddings.  

With a friend, web-designer Michele Lugaresi, he opened a second more spacious studio that he dedicated exclusively to work in advertising, fashion and still life; the sectors that mainly occupy him.

He realized numerous advertising campaigns at the national level and weddings both locally as well as throughout Italy.
Recently, in 2006, he began to exhibit with the greats of photography at the international photography congress in Orvieto. He had his first personal exhibition in the gallery Neon of Bologna at the end of last March.

© Marco OnofriEvery year, he took courses to stay up to date with his knowledge so that he could continue to improve and to offer a competitive product while investing in cutting edge material.

With his smile and the will to learn, he is on a constant search for personal improvement and growth in the profession. The portrait and a sense of detail are his strengths but the reportage constitutes his real passion.

Candid photos, the narrative of everyday life, the secret language of the simplicity of things delight him and push him to use his camera as a pencil and note pad.

Shy, Marco uses photography to express what he sees and to otherwise translate that with which he would have difficulty with words. His ability to capture the moments of everyday life marks his difference.

Traveling for him is by no means a relaxing moment or a kind of vacation. The journey is to take photos, that's why he likes seeing and living in various places. He likes to blend in the situations and the lives of people. Sometimes he is curious, and sometimes he waits and lets time do it's job. He often says that the difference is not in where we are but in our way of perceiving it. Every photo is a poem full of romance, a dreamed narrative of places to be discovered. For Fine Art Tv, Marco presents us his reportage from Paris and Cuba for which he was rewarded by the FEP.

© Marco Onofri 
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