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Lorenzo Salemi

Face to Face
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For Lorenzo Salemi, the passion for photography was born when he was young. He watched as his father, a writer and a journalist, worked on his own photographic albums that were basically scrapbooks on life: mixtures of family images, events, and voyages. Young Lorenzo became very interested in creativity.

Quickly integrated into the working world, he worked with a friend of the family. At the age of 14 he became an apprentice for a photographer in the south of France, Robert Teissier, who took Lornezo under his wing. Especially marked by the cleaning of the tanks, Lorenzo learned the harsh side of photography of this time.

© Lorenzo SalemiJoining the army to fulfill his military service, Lorenzo Salemi integrated himself into a photographic staff to continue to realize his passion without really knowing that one day he would build his career as a photographer. Chaotic, the experiments succeeded one after the other. Joining the Mediterranean Club, he travelled throughout the world with photography being still a point of convergence. In Thailand for example, he ran the photographic club. 
He remembers a photo of his girlfriend of the time on Pipi Island: film productions were going on. He observed and studied these image professionals and their creation of sets and he replicated a scene `in the largest respect of the Thai values'. `Natural light on the water's edge, jeans and a half-opened shirt, a healthy spirit, and a lot of modesty', this photograph has been marked as an instant of life that Lorenzo particularly likes.

And yet, he did not immediately turn professional upon his return to France but he continued to work on professional aesthetics; particularly hairstyle. Passion devoured him, and it was as a semi pro that he continued by using female models as a source for the exercise.

1989, Brignol, Southern France. The big leap. Lorenzo bought a photo business from a friend who was retiring. Courageous, he attacked his work. He did everything and he took everything. In his region, he attacked the niche of food photography and with all of the vineyards there was no shortage of work. Aerial photography which he learned while serving in the army served a great purpose for him.

© Lorenzo SalemiHe covered events, made portraits and methodically developed his small company. He really likes the portraits, especially in natural light. What counts, he tells us `is to concentrate on the subject, to put it at ease, to make it beautiful and attractive while developing a relationship of trust'.  His Sicilian character helped him perfectly to reach his goals.

Today, when Lorenzo looks at his career he knows ultimately that what counts is passion, professionalism and good technical mastery. A huge amateur of sports of all kinds, Lorenzo can be found on the sea, on tennis courts, or car racetracks. For example when he covers events like Cup: mandated by UBS, he tells us that as he follows the regatta on an official boat `What counts is to have a long focal distance. It takes a 400 mm, that plays thousandths...'. In regards to covering a tennis match, Lorenzo answers with humour `It is in composition and time management. For example a match of Federer against Nadal will take at least 4 sets, so one has time! '

20 years later, Lorenzo Salemi continues his work as an independent, his shop has prospered and his team is at 8 people. He is still struggling to delegate certain work. Now, what counts for him is to always do well and also to communicate, to transmit and share, which he carries out while conducting professional workshops.

This maxim of Jean Bodin could be his: `There is only the wealth of man'.

Internationally Recognized.
Lorenzo Salemi has won several awards including the Portrait of France from the GNNP, two awards for reportage and beauty from the Orvietto Photo Festival in Italy. Certainly the fathers have recognized him, as the European Federation of Photography praised his work by presenting him with a QEP, a Qualified European Photographer.

© Lorenzo Salemi 

Portfolio by Lorenzo Salemi


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