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Johan Buelens

Face to Face
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Johan Buelens lives in Brussels where he creates his photographic work. He has studied biology, philosophy and photography. It is indeed the mixture of these different experiences that guides the sense of his creativity.

We want to introduce you to his subject called Dies Irae. When you attentively examine his work, you get a feeling of softness, peace and calmness. As Johan Buelens has said, he does not try to make something sensational, kitsch as often we are shown.

The photographic detail dominates here. We do not need to try to determine where we are but more to live with the picture and its magical sensation. Aesthetic sense gives a very particular relief, geometric compositions outstanding. The colors of the past bring a melancholy, and the eye of the photographer grabs the whole of the photograph which becomes much like a painting.

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© Johan Buelens

© Johan Buelens

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0 # Deceptively Intriguing...
ranart56 2009-04-25 04:56
When I first saw Johan's images my initial thought was "so what, that's a picture of a door knob or some pipes or whatever". But I kept going back to look at the photos again and again. Something kept drawing me back. When I did I stopped trying analyze what the shot was taken of and simply tried to enjoy a particular image for it's combination of color, it's visual texture, it's composition and how the overall image space was utilized. Much like a good abstract or impressionist painting, its enjoyment is derived from the holistic impression you obtain. How does it make you feel, what memories, emotions or past experiences does it conjure. That's the power of Johan's images...simple everyday things we pass by everday without noticing become intriguing pieces of artwork.

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