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Jan Pohribný

Face to Face

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FEP - Federation of European Professional Photographers

Photographer of the invisible strengths which united formerly the natural world and that of the human beings, Jan Pohibny is the author of numerous photos on the megalithic monuments. Mysteries and harmony in the Face to Face of this week.

© Jan PohribnýBorn in 1961 in Prague, Jan Pohribny is an independent photographer since 1986. Having followed the studies of graphic arts in the Czech capital, he pursues his formation in Helsinki (Finland) in the University of the applied arts. In 1990, he becomes member of the Professional Association of Photographers and the House of the Photography of Prague and since 1998 he teaches the university of Silesian in Opava in Czech Republic and to the Polytechnic Art School of Imatra in Finland. In 2001, he received the Qualified European Photographer's title by the European Federation of the Photography in Brussels.

On top of his artistic works, Jan Prohibny works predominantly in the field of design and illustration photography. He co-operates with a number of leading agencies, companies and magazines at home-country and abroad. « I was always trying to solve the eternal schism, to work in commercial or art field, by making  no difference between what is artistic and what is commercial. I always tried to interconnect both aspects of the same subject - photography - as much as possible - and it was also a question of very open minded clients, of course. My professional commercial  creativity is very often inspired by my own independent art work » Diverse exhibitions were dedicated to him all over the world, from Japan to the United States. He is the author of numerous publications and books among others: Magic Stones: the secret world of the ancient megaliths, an archaeological and anthropological work establishing an inventory of these mysterious constructions, between Malta, Finland or the United Kingdom.

© Jan PohribnýBecause Jan Pohribny is a passionate of the megalithic forms of the stone and bronze age. Raised in a time when the men communed with the nature, they were, according to the various hypotheses of the archaeologists, funeral places, religious sites or calendars. Dating from the prehistory, their meaning cannot be enlightened by text and there is hardly to bet that it will remain for ever hidden. From there comes from the fascination of the passionate persons and among them, that of Jan Pohribny. From 1988 till 2007, this Czech photographer in crossed Europe in search of these strange sacred sites. To reveal it, he intervened in the landscape with pigments or used the lightpainting to make visible the energies, the telluric movements, that exists according to him, around stones. The strengths which act on the site so integrate the photography into a mechanical movement which appeared to him less artificial than the digital technology. Beyond the simple track, what thus interests the photographer is the process. It is for that reason that he considers himself as much as a painter as as a performer or a scenographer. And if he pays so much attention on this time between the idea and the photography, it's because he feels it close to the ancient  rites which had places in these places. Sometimes including human forms, he wants to underline the narrow relation which there was formerly between human and nature. « My work is a result of my, maybe naive belief, that it is necessary to draw attention to disappearing natural connections between human beings and the Mother Earth and I'm looking for such a balanced World in harmony through my images. »

© Jan Pohribný
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