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Jackie King

Face to Face

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FEP - Federation of European Professional Photographers

Crazy and eccentric, the characters of Jackie King opens us the doors of a colored universe where nothing takes place as in the reality. The energy is, this week, at the Face to Face menu.

© Jackie KingBorn in Hampshire, England, King serves on the board of directors for the British Institute of Professional Photography. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including UK British Professional
Photographer and British Portrait Photographer of the Year, both in 2005.

Keen on extending the scope of her creative practice she is currently pursuing an MA in Fashion Photography at the prestigious London College of Fashion. She thrives on the artistic energy that propels one of the world's most exciting capitals while also taking inspiration from her many travels across the globe.

© Jackie KingKing has worked in film in Ireland as well as the fast-paced fashion industry in Italy for Milan-based design duo DSquared.  She honed her photography skills in the United States at the Maine Photographic Workshops and then with fine art photographer John Paul Capongiro. Today she produces images ranging from hyper-realistic to avant-garde abstraction that define her idiosyncratic style.

The images shown for this Face to Face are taken from a selection of her fine art imagery which she says "acts as her own form of escapism, creating surreal stages and worlds to get lost inside".

The very colourful series "Crazy Lady" was shot on colour slde film and then enhanced to encapsulate and eccentuate "Penelope" a ficticious character whose own escapism is the colour which surrounds her. She's agoraphobic and pretty crazy, keeping her flowers in a blender, sleeping in a bath, dining from her ironing board and hovering her bed - she embodies the eccentric in us all. One of her sister's "Daphne" is also colourful and crazy yet a little more sophisticated and spends her time traveling to exotic locations. The more dream like ethereal "Molly" series stems from an embodiment of delicacy and femininity.

Portfolio by Jackie King


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Brett Rodgers 2012-04-11 16:59
I think that this is really cool and that you are a really good fine art photographer. I am interested in becoming a fine art photographer too but I really dont know how to start and how to make my own webpage.

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