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Identical in Diversity - Special Valencia 2008

Face to Face
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Each week on Face to Face, you will discover the best of European Photography.

We will present you the opportunity to view the work of European photographic artists who belong to one of the many professional European photographic organizations, through an article, a film and portfolios of their work.  As a partner to the world of photography and creation, we give you a venue to discover these passionate artists.

Luc Peeters, FEP president - photo © Johan BrouwersFIRST EUROPEAN CONGRESS OF PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERSThis week we take a close look at the FEP congress.

It was in Valencia, Spain, that the congress of the European Federation of Photography took place from February 11th to the 13th, 2008. It was the occasion where nearly 700 participants gathered for this rare event of quality. Many professionals from all over Europe as well as from several other countries had the occasion to meet others in the industry, to exchange ideas, and to view and discuss their work.

European photography (international as well) approaches the constant changes of the business with more than professionalism alone. Even if the impact of digital technology and social evolution does not bring the same levels of change to each of the European countries, it is obvious that the business of photography has strongly evolved over the last years.

During this congress, we heard from many QEP (Qualified European Photographer) and Master QEP and we were able to discover their work and their passion. Let us note for example the presentations of Lorenzo Salemi for France, Homen Cardoso for Portugal, Reynold Fashing for Austria, Vinnie O' Byrne for Ireland among others.

Luc Peeters and Ricardo Carillo - photo © Johan BrouwersBruno Vetters and Nikki Huts, Belgium - photo © Johan BrouwersBelgium presentation - photo © Johan Brouwers

It was also the occasion for the participants to better learn the techniques of marketing their fellow members as well a chance to listen to prestigious speakers like professor Bernt Hugenholtz of the Netherlands speak about the copyright issues in a fast paced, ever changing, demanding world.

Neil Warner, Ireland - photo © Johan BrouwersPalacia de Congressos, Hall with sponsors - photo © Johan BrouwersMarco Onofri, Italy - photo © Johan Brouwers 

Spain, the organizing country, turned the challenge of hosting this event into a perfect success by being environmentally studious and easy going at the same time. The participation and the support of many sponsors like Epson, Canon, Phase One, Olympus, etc. show very well that the European Photography community matters a great deal on the international stage.

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The speakers of the congress - photo © Johan Brouwers
QEP awarded of 2007 - photo © Johan Brouwers
Master QEP awarded of 2007 - photo © Johan Brouwers
Applaus for the organisition team - photo © Johan Brouwers

Photos © Johan Brouwers


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imakevideos 2008-03-15 15:03
I wish I went to this congress. Do you know when next years conference will be held...I'd really like to go...It seems like a great group of photographers to be involved with...

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