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Angelo Trani

Face to Face

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FEP - Federation of European Professional Photographers

From Tom Waits to Chuck Berry passing by The Puppini Sisters, Angelo Trani has photographed the best artists of our time. Striking, his photos are for you to discover this week.

© Angelo TraniI was born in 1973. I was first introduced to photography in the early eighties, with my father's old reflex camera.?Then I attended a photography school for three years, after my high school graduation.?I worked for ten years with an agency that was mainly concerned with sports, and I was published and even got some covers.?In the meantime I have been interested in various activities other than photography, and have started many projects. I specialized in natural light photography, even indoors. I use flash lights and lamps only if necessary.?Few a few years now, I have decided to work exclusively in the entertainment world: music, theatre, cinema, because i've © Angelo Tranialways been attracted by people who try (or need) to communicate not only with words, but also sounds, or the body, or images.

I became a journalist in 2005.?In 2007 i was awarded the QIP (Qualified Italian Photographer) certification and in 2008 I was also awarded with the QEP (Qualified European Photographer) for portrait photography.

I have used digital cameras since 2004, and i have to admit that from the first day i started with digital i never turned back to film...?During last two years i've been developing a way to use digital at it's best, and this means also viewing and shooting with a clear vision in mind of how my image will look after post-production. I'm not really a fanatic of hard retouching.... I only try to find the exact feeling that i had while making the photo, using Photoshop with no intention of making a fake image. Only for certain commercial assignments have i sometimes modified the image, using a lot of post-production to create images that wouldn't exist, but in that case i think it's the nature of commercial photography itself not to be "real".

© Angelo Trani

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