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The Cube Festival

Digital Art
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The Cube Festuval : the digital arts are on display in the city! For six days, the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux opened its streets to the creations of the future. Promenades, narratives, discoveries ...

This land that welcomes communication agencies and companies of new technologies, Issy-les-Moulineaux wants to be the French Silicon Valley. Not surprising therefore is the fact that this is where you'll find one of the majors of digital creation in France: Le Cube. Opened in 2001, its primary mission is to support public ownership uses and to encourage creative initiatives. It is also to foster a collective reflection on the evolution and issues dealing with digital.

The Cube FestivalThe Cube Festival is a continuation of these goals.  It allows the public access to about twenty works within the field of digital arts as well as several 'hybrid evenings' that mix visual and aural creations.

Seeking to highlight cutting edge multimedia technologies, the Cube Festival has organized different ways of discovering these futuristic creations. Roaming through the heart of the city, luminous screens attract the eye. "A +" is a video installation that can fool the eye, "Pixels animés " makes us wonder what happens to pixels when no one is watching, "Smoke Tree" is a 3d interactive creation of a tree that is both created and destroyed by carbon dioxide.

Under the tents of the village constructed for the festival, it is possible to compose and collect ones own music based on feelings thanks to the "Emotion Vending Machine". In another tent close by, passing in the middle of an alarming corridor that is illuminated by shadows, Paranoid Architecture is open to the spectator.

Vibrations © Vadim BernardBut what the strength that this festival presents, for this third edition, is interactivity. So, surfing on a board full of sensors, a picture is subjectively outlined in the heart of the lights of Broadway.

More behavioral, "Heavens!" is a weather pattern of sorts that shapes itself based on the behaviors of the spectators.  Depending on the viewers attitude, the forecast may bring good or bad 'weather'.

The Cube Festival also makes available to the public a Portable Playstation provided with GPS where the games have been replaced by creation. "Oterp", for example, allows one to follow a route drawn by satellite in order to discover various places in the city. The areas with musical creations have notes that are broadcast to you thanks to a helmet.

Experience is thus central in this course of the digital arts. The impression of being in the future places the spectator in the center of ambiguous feelings. Are we close to the future or simply in the whimsical realization of old visions of the future dating back to the 1960s?

Are these works are only sub-video games or something more? For the organizers of the Cube Festival, digital technologies are a means to broaden artistic thought but not an end in itself. What is certain is that the artists of the coming years will integrate these forms and modes of expression into their creations. Welcome thus, to the heart of the art of tomorrow.

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