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Working with natural materials and high-tech pigments as well as the latest software, Artist Orcalyde mixes science and art in fascinating experiments. Her Graphically Modified Organisms (GMO), DNA, UFOs are here for you to discover this week in Digital Art.

Artist Orcalyde does not correspond to the typical profile of a new media artist. Working in communication, she is a late comer to the world of creation. Her early works were paintings, abstract and expressionist. Her past has given little to a future in digital art. But driven by the desire to translate the feelings that fill her in this creative phase, she developed a concept of fragrant works that incorporates both spices and seeds.

© OrcalydeArtist Orcalyde turns then to what will characterize her body of work: the passion for experimenting. Later, having access to pigments from the cosmetics and automobile industries, she decides to combine nature and high-tech in new and odorous visual paintings.

It is quite natural that her main tool will be the computer. Always connected to painting, Orcalyde learned to use the new means of creation that appeared before her: "My brush is my mouse, my screen, my painting, Maya, Photoshop, Ultrafractus, my oil, my pastels, my acrylic ..."

She creates from these, a new series entitled GMO (Graphically Modified Organisms).

Reworking with image processing software, matrices that provide the basis, she conducts 'surgical operations', 'lifting', to give birth to hybrid works, transmuted, mutant." The result, transposed on supports (plexi, aluminum, copper), offers to the eye an infinite universe that recalls the smallest biological particle.

© OrcalydeShe so questions the eye of the spectator on the modifications assisted by natural order. These issues will bring her to consider her own identity through her individual transcription of the DNA. Having obtained her genetic profile, she will then enjoy transmuting her DNA sequence and creating "works with multi-color reading which extends to pixels in the global nature of the work."

Another variation of this work will be the creation of images in the form of bar code illustrating line 666 of her DNA sequence. Everything is stretched and colorized giving birth to a musical score associated with the graphic work.

After sight and smell, Orcalyde turns to the sense of hearing moving to a total art. From her own experience, she will apply to other models of the DNA sequence to create the digital faces and "make portraits of my friends, personalities in the world of art, music, politics or even cinema; drawing on fingerprints, optical scans or the graphical sequence of their DNA that I have mixed with a multitude of codes, figures, sequences of numbers that clutter, identify, categorize: graphic interrogation and crystallization on the biometry and its sociological and political drift".

Her last experiment to date, the series blends SMS "Fragments of e-mails, SMS messages "cyber-love" that meet or intersect, all written in a hybrid cyber-language used in our new practices of seduction and sexual rites." Witness of her time, she questions the new modes of communication which unite or divide the human race in the 21st century.

Portfolio by Orcalyde


0 # Moehr
primo 2008-09-28 00:10
Exactement la même idée que celle de Xavier Moehr en ce qui concerne le prélèvement d'ADN de stars et la transposition dans un univers graphique
ici >
Mais c'est un travail antérieur de 12 années.
à voir également.

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