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Maggie Taylor - Between the Layers

Digital Art
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Magician of the image, photographer, expert of the graphics palette, we cannot summarize the work of Maggie Taylor by the same subjective axis. Maggie Taylor is a unique artist who pushes aside the customs of creation.

Maggie is not only famous because she has done the title introduction for the Tv series Ghost Whisperer, she is also known and recognized for creating very © Maggie Taylorparticular universes in her works which she has done over the years.

Near San Francisco, a friend of Fine Art Tv, Mark Pinsukanjana who is the active co-owner of Mordernbook Gallery in Palo Alto spoke to us about Maggie Taylor, about her work and about their collaboration.

Lets take a step backwards into the past...

Art Digital Artist Maggie Taylor was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She received a diploma in philosophy from the prestigious university of Princeton. Afterwards, she decided to pursue her studies in photography and for more than ten years Maggie worked with a film camera in locations as naturally as in the studio. It was only in 1996 when the turn to digital really took place. © Maggie TaylorMaggie uses her flat bed scanner as working tool.  It is the creative sense which is essential and the graphics palette of Adobe photoshop is the paintbrush of the artist.  Maggie now lives in Florida with her husband, the famous Jerry Uelsmann.

Her creations are dreamlike, stemming totally from her imagination, sometimes inspired by works of the past as in the series presented in the portfolio which finds it's root in Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll).

Maggie Taylor takes time to make her creations, sometimes months. As she had the occasion to explain in a magazine, she takes photos during her strolls, especially images of water and clouds and everything is a question of intuition and pure creation. She also uses objects which she collects, either found at flea markets or bought on ebay. The process of creation is thus complex because it can come from the theme or from the object, or still from the imagination of the artist.

© Maggie TaylorMark, in the film about Maggie Taylor, speaks to us about her work, about their collaboration and also about the book which Modernbook Gallery has published with Maggy.

We hope to meet Maggie very soon and to allow you to see her in flesh and bone, not only in a digital version...

Thanks to Mark, and see you soon Maggie!

Web links :

Portfolio by Maggie Taylor


+1 # Awesome...
imakevideos 2008-03-15 15:07
That's digital art...for sure....Love the smashing pumpkins too...
I find that real artists use the tools available to them... They also can not worry about what other people say or think. If anyone says that Maggie Taylor is not an artist...They are out of their minds....
Great work...

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