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Giacomo Costa - Futuristic Past

Digital Art

Giacomo Costa's path is rather atypical!

As a teenager, the young Giacomo had a passion for extreme sports. Until the age of 19, he raced motor bikes. Then he decided to also become an alpinist, he had the itch for the extreme, for the rush and the freedom. It was at this time that Giacomo started to photograph. He associates his passion for the summits with professional work.

One day, after coming back down, a friend opened the world of creation to him. In the galleries was where Giacomo Costa started to understand that in this trade of professional photography that he has recently undertaken, one must answer to certain codes and that his lack of university level experience will be a hinderance to him penetrating this world.

A revenge on the system?

Starting in 2002, Art Digital Artist Giacomo Costa began thinking about concepts to have a clear idea of where he wants to go with his work. © Giacomo CostaHe lives freely without pressure. Nevertheless, it turns out that in his creation, elements stemming from his past experiences co-exist acutely. So this passion takes shape in his creations of structures, disproportionate buildings, the solitude that finds form in the absence of human shape, the all powerful man-made wall; gigantic, unbridgeable, separating all.

The use of 3d technology allows him a total freedom and as a painter he first poses a form and then with the inspiration he composes. Thus an image can take weeks for him, up until recomposing. Breaking it up, to recreate the space and thus his work on the same creation can last several months.

Like he specified to us during our interveiw, his creations are realistic and at the same time, they are not. In some of his creations, one sees multiple themes, like the problems of environment, the loneliness of the great urban settings, the gigantism which takes along the world, of the cities separated down the middle by a metaphysical wall or flooded under water.

© Giacomo CostaFor Giacomo what counts is that everyone sees what they have a desire for seeing. He leaves free interpretation open for each one of us, positive or negative.

Giacomo Costa shows, in an interpretation of his reality through his deformed self-portraits which he has titled 'Monkey Business', that he knows how to remember where he comes from and to keep his feet firmly planted on the ground.

Currently on exhibit in Europe, Giacomo has been exposed everywhere and he just returning from Miami Art Basel where once again a broad eclectic public has been able to appreciate his creations. Who are these collectors? People like us, in shock from these creations. If you have the occasion to go to either of his two galleries, take a look at Giacomo’s creations and you will understand what makes of him a singular artist.

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© Giacomo Costa
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