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Chayan Khoï - Cyberealism

Digital Art
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Chayan Khoï is a creator of symbolic images with outside inspiration. He is a character with multiple facets.  As a photographer, a painter or a videographer, his creativity applies to all the supports and transports used in a world curiously fabulous.

His story begins in 1963.  Chayan Khoï  was born in Iran which remains an important cultural stamp for him. French through adoption, he © Chayan Koïbegan his studies by learning architecture in Grenoble then design in Paris. At the same time, as a way to finance his studies, Chayan Khoï became a photographer.

He worked in the world of fashion and later the world of reportage. His identity is forged, his will also. He will be neither an architect, nor a designer.

He then begins his many world tours in search of the beauty of nature and humanity. He accumulates, during this period, a formidable reserve of images.

© Chayan KoïChayan Khoï  is more than ready for the arrival of the digital revolution. His insatiable thirst for invention pushes him to perfect the use of these new tools. By combining his images with the new technology, he creates what he calls Cyber-realism. Populated desert landscapes full of enigmatic symbolism, the works of Chayan Khoï are messages to be interpreted. No title will come to light the path for the viewer. The direction is individual. The references which he uses are universal, they transcend the symbolic system of all cultures. Because even if his thought is a result of eastern thought, his cultural cross breeding and his world travels have mixed the influences that characterize his work.

Using both digital and film, Chayan Khoï also develops an activity of painter and assembler. It is with his examination of the whole, the essence of totality, that he paints on large prints and assembles the cultural elements which he has accumulated from these voyages. These canvases are stories stamped with sensitivity. But Chayan is also at ease in the abstraction of the images on his computer. His films are technical achievements which take your breath away.

The universe that he develops to go with it, with the same feel of his creations, takes the viewer into the depths of the universal unconscious. The movement is soft, the images are strong. The effect is percussion.

A true visionary, the creativity of Chayan Khoï takes us to the future with his messages of eternal wisdom.

© Chayan Koï

Portfolio by Chayan Koï


-1 # Is this Art ?
Blubb 2008-03-15 16:43
I don't know for you but for me, definitively this artist seems to have a fantastic imagination. He's cool.
0 # Hallucination
mia 2008-03-18 16:39
Ses voyages sont sûrement pour beaucoup dans l'iconographie de cet artiste. Ses carnets sont superbes, dans la veine des Delacroix et autres amateurs de différentes cultures.
+1 # nhevart 2010-12-22 00:07
un travail extraordinaire, des idées merveilleuses, une invitation aux voyages
0 # Magnifique
Sinitch70 2011-09-04 23:06
J'aime beaucoup le travail de Chayan. J'ai eu la chance de parcourir ses carnets de voyages dans le musée de Marrakech l'année dernière, et ce qui m'a beaucoup plu c'àtait de constater l'amour qu'il portait à Seville, qui est aussi pour moi un lieu spécial. Très enrichissant, un grand merci pour ce post.

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