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Catherine Ikam & Louis Fléri - Digital Diaries

Digital Art
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Catherine Ikam is a pioneering artist in the field of new technologies. Since 1980, she’s been running the world with her futuristic concepts. She allowed us a look inside her world and she shared her passions with us. With Catherine, the Art of the Future finds its signature. She received the Arcimboldo 2000 prize for digital creation.

© Catherine IkamCatherine Ikam is an atypical character. Whereas we all can recall from memory the futuristic films like Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, Catherine has immersed herself in this universe now for nearly 30 years.

Catherine Ikam was inspired by Philip K. Dick and was close to Nam June Paik who is widely considered as the Master of video art.  Beginning in the 1980's, Catherine Ikam made the scene with her first installations at the Beaubourg center in Paris, France : Fragments of a Prototype and Identity III.

Since then, she has been bringing the always evolving world of the future to us. Her art has us question the identity and the appearance of the living and the artificial; of the © Catherine Ikamhuman and the virtual.

It was in the Nineties that Catherine Ikam and Louis Fléri collaborated and created installations of virtual reality in which the visitors could interact in real time with virtual characters. Louis Fléri came to new technologies at the beginning of the eighties. An independent journalist specialized in new images, he became an audio-visual producer in 1987 and produced several videograms in the field of contemporary art. He was awarded the IMAGINA prize for art in 1992.

During our interview, Catherine Ikam returned to her Digital Diaries, her virtual landscape of memories made up of multiple elements: childhood photographs of the artist, some recorded or filmed meetings, 3d images and random faces.

© Catherine IkamCatherine Ikam also spoke to us about Elle.  An interactive device that can detect when a presence has entered the room, thanks to it's laser system and Elle will greet the visitor, smile and interact with him. Once the visitor has gone, Elle goes into a random mode and can 'save' into memory the preceding events.

It is by making a digital entity into a humanistic one that Catherine Ikam and Louis Fléri have given birth to new emotion for us humans and also they tell us to prepare for the next virtual arrival.

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Portfolio by Catherine Ikam & Louis Fléri


0 # In the beginning...
imakevideos 2008-03-16 19:11
Wow. It's great to see that the pioneers of the virtual world are still hard at work shaping our future. I also love Bladerunner and the concept of the artificial intelligence evolving along it's own 'natural' path...
Can't wait to see a follow up to this when they have completed their latest project...

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