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Digital Art

Digital Art - Image of the week

It is an illusion, and it’s also on Fine Art Tv!

Individual artists or creative teams, they are all virtuosos in the art of electronic animation and trichery ! Behind their computers with their graphic pallets in hand, they are able to produce the unbelievable, and even animate their images.

With them the virtual image really finds it’s body and soul.

Each week our columnists with give a voice to this world in this new Fine Art Tv section. Make the most of the images on display or watch the films they have have created.


Tuesday, January 13 2015

Working with natural materials and high-tech pigments as well as the latest software, Artist Orcalyde mixes science and art in fascinating experiments. Her Graphically Modified Organisms (GMO), DNA, UFOs are here for you to discover this week in Digital Art.


Julia Milner - The Mobile Portrait

Friday, March 15 2013
Julia Milner - The Mobile Portrait

During the Moscow Biennial of Photography in April 2008 we had the occasion to meet the Russian Art Digital Artist Julia Milner. Discover this original artist with us.


Maggie Taylor - Between the Layers

Friday, March 09 2012
Maggie Taylor - Between the Layers

Magician of the image, photographer, expert of the graphics palette, we cannot summarize the work of Maggie Taylor by the same subjective axis. Art Digital Artist Maggie Taylor is a unique artist who pushes aside the customs of creation.


Chayan Khoï - Cyberealism

Monday, October 10 2011
Chayan Koï - Cyberealism

Chayan Khoï is a creator of symbolic images with outside inspiration. He is a character with multiple facets. As a photographer, a painter or a videographer, his creativity applies to all the supports and transports used in a world curiously fabulous.


Catherine Ikam & Louis Fléri - Digital Diaries

Wednesday, September 05 2012
Catherine Ikam and Louis Fléri - Digital Diaries

Catherine Ikam is a pioneering artist in the field of new technologies. Since 1980, she’s been running the world with her futuristic concepts. She allowed us a look inside her world and she shared her passions with us. With Catherine, the Art of the Future finds its signature.


Giacomo Costa - Futuristic Past

Friday, February 24 2012
Giacomo Costa - Futuristic Past

Giacomo Costa's path is rather atypical!
As a teenager, the young Giacomo had a passion for extreme sports. Starting in 2002, Giacomo Costa began to think about concepts and he dove without hesitation into creation. Met Art Digital Artist Giacomo Costa !


The Cube Festival

Monday, June 09 2008
The Cube Festival

The Cube Festuval : the digital arts are on display in the city! For six days, the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux opened its streets to the creations of the future. Promenades, narratives, discoveries...


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