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Hermes & Nettavisen

Commercial Art
BRONZE medal : Hermes, "Air de Paris" Campaign   BRONZE medal : Nettavisen, "The President"
Hermes, "Air de Paris" Campaign
Agency name :
Publicis EtNous
Creative Director(s) :
Philippe Chanet
Photographer(s) :
Camilla Akrans
Agency name :
BTS United
Creative Director(s) :
Thorbjørn Haug
Copywriter(s) :
Ingvil Ladehaug
Art Director(s) :
Thorbjørn Naug
Production Company :
Flodell Film Stockholm
Film Director(s) :
Thorbjørn Naug
Production Company Producer(s) :
Steve St. Peter
Other(s) :
Editor: Christian Hvattum


Epica Awards


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