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Yan MORVAN - Bikers & Co

Chez Higgins
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Yan MORVAN - Bikers & CoPrivate Chronicle

Bikers & Co

"A brave man, I would say, is someone who isn't knocked down by the wars, someone who is not afraid by the closeness of the enemy but not someone who fattens in the middle of inert bodies"
-Sénèque from "De la constance du sage"

© Yan MorvanThese photos were taken between 1975 and 1977. I was 20 and I came from my provincial town to Paris. I was really determined to get talked about. At that time, I was a broke student in the cinema department at the University of Vincennes (so called "La Rouge") and my expectations became weaker month after month. When I sold cheap jewelery on the Tertre place in the Montmartre district, I met a studded-leather-dressed man who was a follower of the rock'n'roll ideology, far away from Lenin and Mao. I told him about my situation as a future documentary maker and that I had a pronounced liking for rock'n'roll.

© Yan MorvanWe arranged to meet in a brasserie in the Halles area one night in September 1975. They were four when they arrived and I was only allowed to respectfully take some pictures of their boots ("Santiago"). I never left them then, at least I tried not to...

The rock fans became bikers thanks to several encounters. The adventure came to a sudden end in February 1978 because of a publication entitled "Terror for Fun" in the newspaper "Match", dealing with my adventures within tribes of "little savages" of the seventies that have a string of headlines in "France Soir" and terrorized the good bourgeois.

I quickly moved to a bigger apartment and began a career as a photo reporter that would make me travel farther than the gates of Paris.

But that is another story...

Yan Morvan

© Yan Morvan © Yan Morvan
© Yan Morvan © Yan Morvan


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