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Vlastimil Kula - Spa

Chez Higgins
Vlastimil Kula - Spa
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Private Chronicle


A Shower
Two or even three of us !
Long live the Spa
My body is an island touched by this torrent
My buttocks tender and innocent

There is the shape of my behind
There is your valley
United together under the hot steamy water
You and I

Vlastimil Kula - SpaAlone
For us
The Lovers

Long live the Spa !
Dark glasses
Your black robe!
Under the water I dive
I poke out my tongue
You copy me!
Yours’ and my long forms together

The Ultimate image
Leaving our hearts
On our voyage

For ourselves

Enveloped in our bathroom
The most secret part of our tenderness
There is this dream
My love and I
There is this freedom

Kula we were united
Delivered of our pleasures

Alone for each other

Pierre Bourgeade


Vlastimil Kula - Spa
Vlastimil Kula - Spa 
Vlastimil Kula - Spa 
Vlastimil Kula - Spa
Vlastimil Kula - Spa
Vlastimil Kula - Spa 


+1 # L'amour, un jeu
primo 2008-08-20 21:27
Très belle description de la photographie de Vlastimil Kula. Légéreté, plaisir, connivence et érotisme sans moralisme, ça fait un bien fou !
0 # Vlastimil - Such erotic energy!
John Cluderay 2014-06-08 08:08
Great to discover Fine Art TV for the first time!...Including this article about Vlastimil, a photographer whom I've admired for many years now. Such erotic energy - Wow! Thanks for the great article!

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