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KRIKI - The Fuzz

Chez Higgins
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KRIKI - The Fuzz
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Private Chronicle

The Fuzz

One of the things that we have become aware of in the 20th century is that a work of art is not a goal in itself, but a sort of linguistic tool, a language. In a way the work speaks and tells a story at the same time. In another way, the visual aspects and the feelings in the piece are the traditional themes with the form and the content, the real and the imaginary, or as well the interior and exterior that cannot be dis-associated from each other; one exists in and as part of the other and reciprocally.
It is in this perspective that we have to look at the work in plastic Fuzz by the artist Kriki.

© KrikiThis seductive mammal like serpantine form was born as a real thing. The Fuzz was seen for the first time by 3 hunters from Mourles, they glimpsed it briefly and then it disappeared as suddenly as it appeared in front of their eyes. After this first sighting they started to search for it with other inhabitants of the region.
Whether they found it or not has little importance for the rest of the story, what counts is that the animal, was like a ray of light, like a sparkling mirror that stimulated in them the very human reaction of a memory the desire, a dream, imagination and a reflection on their sighting. From this the story was developed and described by those who had never actually seen the animal. Although their talking gave life and substance, and it become a collective reflection on them.
© KrikiIt was precisely this aspect that the work of Kriki has tried to underline.
The Fuzz, even the name makes us think of a fusion or confusion of ideas and descriptions – Little by little something emerged from the chaos and took form. A bit like the form born from chaos to refer freely to Hésiode.
After having consulted his sources, the artist starts to give birth to his creation. It is like this that he models his course: emergence, exploration, experimentation, proliferation, extermination and conservation. A course that makes us consider the manipulation of DNA. A course that at the same time mirrors the contemplation and discovery of oneself, which is the root that we all have to follow to become aware of ourselves.
This work speaks also of the relation between man – the animal, savage - civilized; when we show all these elements we speak of a true work of art. The Fuzz focuses on the transformation of the animal inside everyone as something fertile and creative.
Because it is better to be aware of this savageness rather than to ignore its’ existence, The Fuzz is there to remind us or to reveal it to us.

Démosthène Davvestas

© Kriki © Kriki
© Kriki © Kriki
© Kriki © Kriki
© Kriki © Kriki


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