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Uwe Ommer - Mirror Mirror

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Uwe Ommer, author and photographer of numerous series exploring the subjects of travel, family, and beauty, is easily recognized in the fields of advertising and fashion. He is currently working on a project called Do it yourself comprised of sexy self-portraits of non-professional models.

One evening, Uwe Ommer found his baby sitter photographing herself in the bathroom mirror wearing only a pair of shoes. From this "accident" emerged the idea for Do it Yourself, a sexy series of photos where the model is also the photographer. © Uwe OmmerStudents, artists, actresses, stylists, dancers, models, musicians, teachers and others; the common thread in these women is that they are not professional models. Explorers of their own image, they gladly play the role of photographer. Taking sexy poses, they discover their bodies and reveal the erotic charge which is inherent in them.

Uwe Ommer then can be called a "ghost photographer", a technical shadow gliding discreetly through the experience. Defining the scope and the light, the photographer accompanies the model in her desires. He is the only assistant, privacy is a fundamental factor. Free, these women reveal more of themselves than a model subjected to the requirements of a photographer and to the superficiality of a photo shoot. They are discovering as such and they want to be seen.

© Uwe OmmerIf this alchemy works, it is because Uwe Ommer is not a beginner. This great fashion and advertising photographer is used to researching beauty. At Taschen, he has published several books dedicated to exotic women around the globe. Exotic, Black Ladies I and II, Asian Ladies are a few examples of his passion for women.

But Uwe Ommer is not only a photographer of the nude form, he is also a big fan of travel and the special features of each country. Revealing the similarities in the differences, he is the author of a titanic work dedicated to families all around the world. Over four years, he traveled through more than 130 countries and photographed more than one thousand families.

Placing his models in front of a white background, Uwe Ommer painted a global picture of the definition of the family: nuclear, polygamous, fragmented or in solidarity, with pets or without, he revealed a particular face of humanity to us. He also kept a journal of this long journey accompanied by photos: Transit. He has been the subject of many exhibitions around the world. The exhibition 1001 families will be presented for the first time in France, in the Parisian suburb Roissy-en-France from April 5th until November 6th.

© Uwe Ommer
© Uwe Ommer
Portfolio by Uwe Ommer


+1 # Genius
imakevideos 2008-04-01 09:06
In letting the models take the clicker, he gives them control. In giving them control...he gives up a certain sense of control...Even though he still covertly controls everything.
I think more photographers should have a sense of confidence in their global ability to 'direct' everything by giving control to others.
Rather a catch 22. Extremely interesting.

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