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Thierry Vasseur

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Stripped and more than often armed, Thierry Vasseur's pin-ups aim their aggressive beauty in the face of the spectator. This weeks' photographer on Sensuality takes up the rules of Pop Art and explodes them into a multitude of colors.

It was already 1980 when Thierry Vasseur acquired his first camera, but three short years later he was on tv and film sets capturing unforgettable moments. At the same time, he was specialized in architecture and very confident of his capacities as photographer.

© Thierry VasseurIn 1990, he finished his first artistic work entitled "Combats". This series of black and white portraits represents diverse personalities, more or less known in France, who for the most part are wearing large boxing gloves. Among them: the L'Abbe Pierre, Enzo Enzo, Jacques Villeret and Gérard de Villiers, the author of SAS.

It would take time for the links with this last one to develop and weave itself into a collaboration that would last at least ten years and running. SAS is a series of books that take place in diverse countries around the world with Prince Marko Linge CIA agent and admirer of women. It began in 1965 and counts for more than 170 titles today. The cover of every book contains the logo marked by the three letters (SAS) and a beautiful young lady who just happens to be armed.

In 1998, Gérard de Villiers saw an exhibition of Thierry Vasseur's nude photographs. He fell to the charm of these images and suggested that Thierry try shooting the covers for SAS. The artist accepted and has so far realized more than 35 covers. A true tribute to 70's aesthetics, the heroines are passionate fighters, seductive but also fragile. Just like the books they illustrate, they express the taste for mystery, eroticism and action.

Just because this photographer has worked with some very large brands (Delsey, Global Star, Accor) and with different luxury magazines (Infrared, Meeting, Luxury man ...), he can not hide that he is nevertheless a great nude photographer. Fascinated by the female body, he is the author of diverse series that prove it: Voile (1992), Tiroirs Secrets (1997), Les Anges Volontaires (1998) et Paradis Perdu (2001).

© Thierry VasseurMaybe it was under the influence of his collaboration with SAS that Thierry Vasseur developed a style which he has not stopped using since: Pop Art.

Eros and Thanatos, the first series that recalls the rules of this movement is very close indeed to his work for Gérard de Villiers. The difference is that he allows himself more variations on the subject and a real freedom in the use of colors. He also includes consumer objects connected to the imaginary world of James Bond: zippo lighters, cuff links, pistols (obviously).

The second project is called Dangerous Girls. Thierry Vasseur pursues his hunt for the perfect 70s woman. His saturated, multiplied, superimposed images are the Kaleidoscope of a violent and sensual fantasy ideal. And then, surprisingly, the photographer puts aside women and gives us The Invaders. In this last series, he puts forward his collection of robots from the years of his childhood. The link with the rest is established by the extreme colorization of each of his images and the love of photo montage..

All have names and illustrate a story that the viewer will have to build for themselves.  Love will triumph over the big pursuit. Do you think it deserving? 

Far from abandoning his pin-ups, he integrates them into his work and uses them to enrich his stories. The last series to date: La contre attaque is a body of work in a supernatural frenzy inspired by comic books and using his robots as well as his heroines.

© Thierry Vasseur

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