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Sabine Schönberger

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Do fairies have a sex life?
If during our childhood this aspect of their lives was overshadowed, it is revealed to you today. These fairies are velvety and sensual beings who thrive on baroque or the romantic whims and inspirations of Sabine Schönberger.

Sabine is nostalgic. She likes to bathe in the make-believe universe of her childhood and it is here where she finds the themes for her photography. Ophelia, the Little Mermaid, Alice Wonderland, all mixed together thus evolving in a world apart.
© Sabine SchönbergerThe time or the origin of the myth has little importance, the characters belonging to the vast domain of the imaginations of little girls. Covering the memories of the artist, they take on a new face and appear to us in a new form.

© Sabine SchönbergerThe fairies of Sabine Schönberger have the white skin of women from the cold. They are the faces of our time, sometimes decorated piercing or tattoos. Their feelings appear rather close to our own: plenitude, melancholy, in waiting.
Their lives exist separately from the image and seem rather familiar. Few attributes define the character they embody. Their symbolic system adequately echoes the collective imagination and renders them completely identifiable.

The choice of model is very instinctive. The physique and the personality that emerges must, prior to the setting of the scene, tell a story. For this reason, the measurements have little significance. Women with broad hips or small chests have their place. Perhaps because she is self taught, Sabine Schönberger does not conform to the laws of the genre.

Mixing universal themes and a very personalized vision, the work of Sabine Schönberger both surprises and fascinates.

© Sabine Schönberger
Portfolio by Sabine Schönberger


+1 # Stelios 2011-05-18 21:58
Oh Sabine,it`s realy fantastic

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