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Pedro Hernandez

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Pedro Hernandez lives between Marseille in France and Valencia in Spain. This bubbling man has been a photographer for more than 40 years, specifically - a press photographer.

He travels through the South of France and Spain, multiplying his photographic works: from ground reporting in the corrida to shooting films or broadcast programs. Fascinated and fascinating, he is devoted to women. It is a sensual universe that we discover here.

© Pedro HernandezIn argentine black and white, he photographs most of his models during one day in Spain, a country that really moves him. For Pedro, it is not so much the aestheticism but more the intensity of the moment that he wishes to get. As you can see in the film dedicated to him and in the portfolio images of his work, Pedro takes us through different universes, each one different from the other. We feel that what counts is everything natural: No sophistication, but spontaneity. Moreover, he confides in us that the totality of the models with whom he has had the occasion to work with are not professionals. He creates a closeness that is relaxing and comfortable. The physical appearance counts less than the photographic exchange that he creates with his model. 

© Pedro HernandezA big amateur of photography, he has had the occasion to get close to and to become friends with big artists of the past or present; for example Garcia Alix with whom he was formed a good friendship. Pedro is inexhaustible when he speaks about his photography. This simple man does not trouble himself about the shape, what he has learned from press reporting is both direct and practical: speed and efficiency never exclude the fact of knowing how to capture the perfect moment. 

For him, it is in Spain where he best exercises this facet of his art because, finally, he considers that this country has a more open attitude towards nudity than France. He thus returns to Valencia where he grew up to take advantage of the inspiration of his city and to better photograph his passion. 

For you... discover Sensuality by Pedro Hernandez. 

Pedro, Welcome to Fine Art Tv.

© Pedro Hernandez

Portfolio by Pedro Hernandez


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