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Marc-Henri Cykiert

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Marc-Henri Cykiert is an artist on a rich, atypical path.

For him, photography is above all a passion. This passion was born 
very early at the age of 13, thanks to a friend of his father.  His 
first works were rather experimental.

Marc-Henri was supposed to dedicate himself to the field of research, beginning with medical school and eventually turning his studies to 

© Marc-Henri CykiertIt was not really what he was hoping to do with his life, he wanted 
something else.  So he flew across the Atlantic to California 
to pursue his dream : music!

He enters Hollywoods' famous GIT, the Guitar Institute of Technology,
where he studies guitar with teachers like Pat Martino, Joe Diorio, Don Mock, film scoring with Carl Schroeder, and workshops with visiting musicians like Pat Metheny and Joe Pass.

He chose music as his trade and decided to return to Liège in Belgium.
He continued his studies even further after being accepted to the 
Royal Conservatory of Liège in the class of American composer Frederic Rzewski with whom he studied composition and orchestration.
He would follow his studies with years of composing and later on music production.

For Marc-Henri, photography was thus his second means of artistic 

His early ventures into nude photography were with 'his girlfriends'. Certain periods are more prolific than others, but for Marc-Henri 
the self-teachings of photography brought about a certain professionalism.

© Marc-Henri CykiertHe follows photographic workshops to perfect his technique at 
ICP, the International Center of Photography in New York, and also 
in Provence with Lucien Clergue, one of the great masters of nude 

In his photographic nude work, Marc-Henri hopes above all to develop 
an interaction between his models and himself.

Marc-Henri is not a dictator, but a composer.
He creates a relationship based on confidence where the free-
expression of his model is very important even if it is guided.

For him, theater and stage setting adapt themselves perfectly 
to his photographic style, he asks the model to express herself with her body movements and gestures in her own personal way.

He thus creates scenarios like short stories for his photo sessions.

What is the most important aspect in the models he chooses? What 
counts for Marc-Henri is a spark in the eyes.
Indeed, he thinks there cannot be any common understanding of expression without intelligence.

© Marc-Henri CykiertBlonde, brunette, Asian, light or dark colored skin, it is her sensuality which guides his choice.

He works with gelatine silver medium format film and he has a tendency to prefer colored models, sublime for the use of black and white film;  the skin texture and the grain of the film blending perfectly.

He uses various types of film. Short exposure, long exposure, depth 
of field, softness, blurinnes, Marc-Henri masters it all.

His book, « Voilé, Dévoilé » (« Veiled, Unveiled », available on Amazon, Filipson Editions Brussels) is a real hymn to femininity.

Sensuality is the key word in his work.

Marc-Henri, we are happy to welcome you to Fine Art Tv.


Portfolio by Marc-Henri Cykiert


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