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J. Stephen Hicks - Lights, Camera, Desire!

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J. Stephen Hicks came to photography quite accidentally.
He began working on sensuality in a rather spontaneous way.  As he specified to us during our interview in Los Angeles in September 2007, his first photographic passion was landscapes.
Very passionate for sport and voyage, it is another aspect of nature that he has been able to capture for years, the feminine nature.

© Pascal BaetensFor J. Stephen, sensuality expresses itself in a pronounced taste for the graphic style of composition. Even if he drifted away from the playboy style that was a part his photographic path, J. Stephen has retained some of the codes.

First of all in his choice of models where he puts all of his skills to work in the search for sublime women. As he repeated often to us during his interview in Agoura Hills, he had the occasion to be the first to photograph many models who then went on to become stars of the sensual world or erotic scene.

© Pascal BaetensThe second aspect of the work of J.Stephen is his use of light which is often saturated and very colorful, a very Californian light.
The last aspect which we sense is the geometry of the compositions that reveals and accentuates the forms of his models.

Everything is naturally a question of alchemy and team work.
J. Stephen has developed his own company over the years; he has a production house and he is a publisher with his website
Moreover, he breathes the passion of his profession with his team which appeared to us as very solid and together.

With J. Stephen, we can see that although he is obliged to produce and publish, his true pleasure is pure photography in the noble sense of the term.

It is for these reasons that we have the pleasure of taking you on this meeting with J. Stephen Hicks, his work is a subtle mixture of sensuality and eroticism tinged with the California spirit.

© Pascal Baetens

Portfolio by J. Stephen Hicks


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