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Ivana Ford

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Ivana Ford lives in Los Angeles, California. This charming thirty year old has been published in compilation books numerous times. You can appreciate her work at Skylight, Taschen or also in the Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotic Women. Ivana shoots in both film with her Pentax and digital with her faithful Nikon.

She does not really have a preference between shooting in the studio or locations, she loves them all.

© Ivana FordWhen you watch the film and look at Ivana's portfolio, you may find several free clues which can help to better understand her sensuality.

The darkness creates the atmosphere. The lighting effects play a certain role in her eroticism. The mystery taking shape. There are so many elements mixed into her photographic work. Ivana works according to inspiration, whether it be in total spontaneity or on themes thought out in advance as was the case when she created a theme on strip clubs. In any case for Ivana both are natural and there are no secrets anymore between locations or the studio.

© Ivana FordIt is evident that Ivana's sensuality is not what we are in the habit of seeing in other photographic works.

Ivana's women are vixens with very strong personalities, physical appearances and very American styles. Ivana looks for diversification in her models so that there is a real representation of ethnicities, as in real life.

To collaborate with Ivana it is necessary to have a strong heart! We saw first hand during our interview in Los Angeles at the end of October 2007, as Ivana pushed her model to express her sensuality while confined to spaces surprising enough as this wall cupboard in which she has positioned her model.

For us, Europeans, Ivana's photographic style is not common so we must present it to you on Fine Art Tv because of the force of expression. To us it is clear that this young photographer will go far and the numerous projects that Ivana was working on when we documented her show that whe will continue to go further.

See you soon Ivana...

© Ivana Ford

Portfolio by Ivana Ford


0 # Excellent
totie 2008-08-06 12:04
The photos are so sexy! I think I can see that the photographer is a woman...but it's not so easy...
0 # Ivana Ford
jodyfrost 2011-06-15 18:34
I'm so impressed with this young woman's creative vision of the feminine! As a woman shooting women for a number of years now, I love seeing other women working with the same subject, see how we handle the sensual or erotic element of woman. It's always refreshing to see as compared to the way a man shoots women.
I'll be keeping my eye on Ivana's work and that monograph she no doubt has earned
Jody Frost!

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