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Gerard Musy

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It is not very difficult to differentiate the work of Gerard Musy: his fashion photography explodes with colors; his personal photos appear between light and shadow. The first with the energy of trends, the second being a testimony to 20 years of fetishism.

“Photography, by nature is fetishistic. It is concentrated only on a part of reality.”
Gerard Musy has thought a lot about the meaning of photography. Theorist of the medium, he wrote his thesis on Robert Frank while he was © Gerard Musyat the University of Geneva, Switzerland where he is from. Bored by the abstraction of writing, he decided to move to New York City to start a career as a fashion photographer.

His gamble paid off, as he ended up working with the best agents, galleries, creators and magazines. Emporio Armani, Paco Rabanne, Vanity Fair, Vogue Men, just to name a few…

© Gerard MusyBut the fashion universe was not the only thing he discovered in the United States. Gerard Musy frequented the clubs where latex and leather mix with corsets and stiletto heels. He was part of the game, setting the scene. He was very into the posh and mysterious world of fetishism.

When he came to live in Paris at the beginning of the nineties, Gerard Musy, remained connected to this type of sexual lifestyle. He attended some events in the French capital and also those of Great Britain.

For twenty years, Gerard Musy has been witness to an atmosphere voluptuous, intimate and open to all fantasies. His book Lustre contains images not of a spectator but of an active participant.  Fruits of the moment, his photographs offer a look into a hidden world, lit by the refinement of his gaze. Snaps of the instant, they open a window to the mysteries of this erotic game. Between the various plans, scenes played out behind closed doors. The eye travels between shadowy areas and discovers a detailed inventory of fetishistic iconography. The framework leaves room for imagination and for all who observe, the freedom of interpretation.

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© Gerard Musy
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