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Ed Fox - Feet First

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It is through perseverance that Ed Fox has become one of the biggest photographers of women's feet. Round or plump or with large toenails, his choices are diverse but always celebrate this part of the body that is usually left aside.

At fifteen years-old Ed Fox discovered this passion that was inside him when he went out with a girl who had magnificent toenails. Collecting posters showing the bare extremities of the legs, he developed a geniune attraction for female feet. Some years later, he discovered that his brother and his father as well shared this obsession... 

© Ed FoxEd Fox was born in Glendale, California. He studied photography at the Art Center of design where he was received with honors. Nevertheless, many of his professors and colleagues had previously sought to discourage him. Knowing that he wanted to persue nude photography, he continued in the direction he had chosen regardless of the opinions of others.

The rejection of his work continued long after obtaining his diploma. He filled orders for various magazines and continued his personal research.

Ed Fox has had a rather personal idea concerning nudes for a long time. He rebels against sensual photographs where the foot is not shown. For him, the foot is a body within the body with its curves, shapes, and forms that are different for each individual.

© Ed FoxAn extension of the nude, it makes him complete. It is this approach which led him to be interested in specialized magazines. In 1997, he decided to send Dian Hanson, the chief editor of Leg Show magazine, a series of his photos in very particular packaging. The encounter was fatal.

After an exclusive contract with Leg Show Magazine, Ed Fox worked with Penthouse, Club, and Barely Legal. He also created his own site: Footfactory.

In a little over ten years, he went from the perfect stranger to the flagship photographer of foot fetishism. His models are the reflection of his fame: Dita Von Teese, Ginger Jolie, Penny Flame, Belladonna ...

It is now in video where Ed Fox finds the vitality that feeds his creativity. In movement, his poses and his style assert themselves all the more and reveal new athmospheres.

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© Ed Fox

Portfolio by Ed Fox


+1 # Happy, Sexy, Feet!!!
imakevideos 2008-05-10 01:37
I think that we need to see more videos about feet. Maybe a video only with feet? At least more fetish videos!!! I love the music...'time to undress'...stuck in my mind...More Feet!!!

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