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Dmitry Denisov

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This young photographer met in Kiev will take you ! Go to the limit of the possible, when sensuality is a phenomenon almost public.

Dmitry Denisov is one of these meetings that here in Fine Art Tv we love.
You can imagine we do not speak the same language, the man is under thirty, he began to make a name in the field of photography, also with great success in many areas, fashion, sensuality...

We met a first time and I feel that in addition to the language barrier there is a lot of apprehension and misunderstanding about the many questions I ask about his art.

The big day arrives. West part of Kiev, 4PM. Dmitry is equiped with his microphone, we began the interview and it does not start strong.
I finished myself by not being at ease, he understands my questions? It was agreed to organize a shoot to see how he's working, I see a model and a makeup, but they tell me that thy will go on the subway. Why do they laugh? That's ironic ? This is my last reportage here in Kiev and in a few hours I have to get up to catch the plane, finally say that I will not sleep ... One person at the door, a strong guy arrived, Dmitry reassures me, it's our bodyguard for the subway shooting.

Original,provocative, Dmitry Denisov is a honest, easy going and  simple man and as you can found in many countries of Eastern Europe.
Doing a good job, make beautiful images, put all his passion and then if it does not, there will be something else.

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© Dmitry Denisov

© Dmitry Denisov
© Dmitry Denisov
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JWPurdy 2010-01-07 07:04
That's someone who knows how to get goals done, very impressive.

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