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Claude Fauville

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It was in the south of France where we had several occasions to meet Claude Fauville. First, in Arles, at the International Meeting of photography, and later at his place in Nimes. Claude Fauville is a Belgian artist born in Charleroi in 1940. He has devoted himself to photography since the days of his studies of drawing and sculpture. Claude Fauville has made his speciality through the representation of the female body. Progressively, as his art has diversified, Claude has continued his exploration of sensuality and erotism through, for example, his work on couples. He has as inspiration names like Rubens, Klimt or Canova.

© Claude FauvilleClaude Fauville is passionate, calm, and complex. By looking at the whole body of his art we are surprised by the astonishing maturity of the expression of his sensuality and his erotism. Nothing is simple. He manages to capture the hidden face of his models, the pleasures that exist between these bodies that were revealed in front of the eyes of the photographer. 

A common denominator in Claude’s art is that the models are often friends, not models with the perfect look and the perfect body. What's more, it is not that which counts. While looking at these photos, one gets a single impression. Spontaneous, the photographs of Claude could inspire the qualifier of `Beau Geste'. It is true that the poses are provocative and as Guy Mandery, the former editor of Photo Magazine writes, "What distinguishes them from the others, of all the others, is their sense of drama. Conferred by a gesture, an attitude, which at certain times left me speechless. In Claude’s art, immodesty and discretion intermingle." 

© Claude FauvilleTo watch Claude at work printing is also an intense moment. We were pleased to experience his work first hand in his studio where he was developing some of his photographs. It is by watching the artist at work that one understands how each photograph is a single work of art. Indeed, from the framing to manually creating effects while printing, Claude brings a dimension to his work that makes us say that without this ultimate touch the photo would not be a Claude Fauville photo.

It should be noted that for certain of his prints, Claude uses a particular printing method. He uses print platinum-palladium which was invented in 1873 by William Willis and this makes Claude's creations completely extraordinary. 

Exposed throughout the whole world, in the United States, in Europe, in galleries and private collections, Claude Fauville continues on his way in his sensual and erotic environment. He has continued to use some of the same models over the years and we can witness the stages of their lives in his photography.
Proof once again that for Claude, sensuality does not have an age limit.


Portfolio by Claude Fauville


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