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Carlos Batts

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What seduces us about Carlos Batts is his capacity to put us at ease. It is with this that we invite you to discover another vision of the nude and sensualism!

Carlos Batts is an artist who has already made a mark in the United States.
From Baltimore on the east coast to Los Angeles California on the west, has there been a certain freedom found? No, this freedom has been cultivated since he was student.  This freedom to express his style, his own wants as well as his graphic and artistic frenzies.

© Carlos BattsDrawing, photography, painting, collage, directing, nothing escapes his talent. This morning, I was listening to the radio here in Paris and I heard a film-maker compare films with art. For him, a film does not have to be a successful blockbuster to touch people...if not, then what is there to create? Eventually soup? Something odorless? It is as art, he said. Someone likes this or that artist, while others have a holy horror of it.
© Carlos BattsWhat I appreciate above all is the personality. Naturally it is necessary that the work corresponds to a certain spirit, to a construction either photographic, graphic or imaginary...or to an entire whole.

Everything is a question of alchemy! Carlos in California was transformed and with his muse who is also his wife, he experiments in multiples. He works with other models on certain photographic themes and as proof, for example, he gives us his book Crazy Sexy Hollywood.

Soon on Fine Art Tv, you will be able to discover another form of Carlos Batts' creativity.

Are they not brilliant the artists?

PS: thanks to Carlos and April, as well as mega-thanks to the inspirational Master Eric Kroll !

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© Carlos Batts

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